Rookie and Straight Air Divisions 7:30am registration, 8:00 riders briefing/start

These divisions are skill and competency based and allow riders of similar ability
to ride against each other regardless of age, experience or gender.

1.  Rookie Single wake jumps, slides, 180’s. Wildcard trick at the end of 2nd pass from straight air division.

2.  Straight Air Wake to wake jumps including 180’s and grabs. Wildcard trick at the end of the 2nd pass from the inverter division.

3.  Inverter Up to 4 intermediate tricks including 360 spins, raleys & inverts. A wildcard trick at the end of the 2nd pass of any wakeboard trick.

4.  Advanced Unlimited inverts and spins up to 540. No mobes. A wildcard trick at the end of the 2nd pass of any wakeboard trick.

5.  Mobe Up to 4 Mobes and spins to 720.

6.  Open Unlimited tricks, no limits.

7.  Shred All Tricks allowed from Straight Air, Inverter and Advanced Divisions. This is for the riders who are keen to have some fun with friends on the water and enjoy the competition day!

9.  Adaptive Unlimited tricks

Anyone can ride in these divisions, but at State Titles you are required to ride
in your age division. Provided you are a Transition or Fully Paid Member
(Introductory Members cannot ride State Titles)

In the interest of fair play the judges reserve the right to ask a rider to either ride up
or down a division depending on what is deemed appropriate